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About ICM Partners

ICM Partners operates from Mount Waverley in the East suburbs of Melbourne and has a national reach of over 100 valued professionals of varying backgrounds and qualities, each bringing a diverse range of sector industry knowledge, skill and expertise to the structure of the company which enables us to deliver an exceptional level of commitment, attention to detail and tact to our clients across all major sectors.

We work with clients across all industries ranging from Government, Legal firms, Manufacturing and distribution, Logistics and Transportation, Insurance, Health care, through to SME’s, large global corporations and members of the public.

ICM Partners is aware that each instruction received is unique with its own complexities; therefore, the services we provide are completely tailored to meet specific client demands and needs.

The organisation has built a reputation for its innovative methods, planning and execution of complex projects and meeting client objectives swiftly and diligently irrespective of location and complexity.