Business Mission & Strategy

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Business Mission & Strategy

By delivering Debt Collection and Credit Management solutions that tangibly improve the financial performance of the business operations of each of our clients, we intend to sustain ICM Partners position as one of Australia’s leading Debt Collection and Credit Management services provider.

Today, we service our client’s worldwide needs with local and cross-border debt collection and credit management support. We are committed to improving our customer’s cash flow and profitability in everything we do – from credit information sales ledger services, reminders, collection of outstanding receivables and general debt.

We are a catalyst for a sound business. We are here to facilitate business and help create sound customer interaction by making transactions smooth, equitable and viable in a sound and fair manner.

We are a market-leading Debt Collection and Credit Management company in Australasia, offering our clients risk reduction and financial services based on a strong debt collection foundation.


ICM Partners is a catalyst for a sound business. We facilitate business and help to create a healthy balance sheet by providing services that make business easy, secure and viable. Our mission in the community is to help payments flow ethically. We all know how business works – the principle is simple….

“Companies produce goods and services. Consumers and businesses buy them – sometimes on credit.”

ICM Partners exists to manage the payment flow (invoices, credit assessment, debt collection and payment monitoring).We ensure that the flow of payments in the community is efficient. When companies get paid for their products, they become profitable and they can build strong business relationships, grow and employ more people. This allows the community to feel satisfied and consume more. In a sound economy, both businesses and consumers are satisfied that each is meeting its commitment to enhance the life and value of the other in a fair and equitable manner.


ICM Partners vision is to be a genuinely people-focused company that offers Debt Collection and Credit Management services that add considerable value to their clients.


Market leader in our market vertical

In the credit management sector, understanding the market and its participants is crucial in order to offer effective credit management solutions. Specialisation is therefore one of the keys to our success, because we have assembled an extensive client register with access to business and credit information for many more individuals and businesses than most credit management companies have.

With the help of a solid understanding of payment behaviours in each vertical market, we can help our clients to better understand their customers. In order to reach a market-leading position in these vertical markets, we are constantly evaluating partnering opportunities.

Comprehensive credit management services that support our clients’ relationships with their customers

A complete offering of credit management services supports our clients in their relationships with their own customers. Clients can benefit from our knowledge of payment patterns and credit use to strengthen relationships with customers and increase the potential for more sales.

Through our market presence we can offer clients and debtors services that are well-suited to their market’s maturity, regulations and practices. At the same time we offer an Australian brand with a strong international partner network.

We have well-developed systems and processes for effective credit management across national borders in Australia and New Zealand; supported by our global network, which enables us to offer our clients credit management services throughout the world.

Greater benefits for client through improved processes and methods

We are constantly working on enhancing the quality of the services we deliver to our clients. We streamline credit management processes and aim to use leading edge IT systems to improve productivity. Within the Group, we have a number of partners to enable clients to benefit from competences in the Group. These forums are working on improving work methods and services for our client’s. ICM Partners has also developed analysis methods to optimize debt collection management.

Healthy payment behaviour in the community

ICM Partners has an important role to play in society because we help companies and consumers to see the link between a healthy attitude to payments and a well-functioning community.

Few people know that a large proportion of bankruptcies are caused by companies being paid late or not at all. This results in less business activity, fewer jobs and higher prices for consumers.

Our team members are crucial in their role of looking after and delivering high-quality services to businesses and consumers. Personal and team development and competent skill sets, combined with the knowledge that we have an important job to do; and pride in our ability to help promote a better credit and payment environment in the community are therefore vital.

Through the services ICM Partners offers, we are ensuring that our clients avoid bankruptcies, enjoy greater economic growth and offer the community more of what the community requires.