Our Values

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ICM Values

Our values define who we are and determine how we act; they form the mental foundation from which we work to offer our clients effective credit management services and solutions.

Understanding people

At ICM Partners there is a person behind every decision who becomes familiar with each individual situation, understands needs and is determined to find a solution. Only by truly understanding people can we turn a difficult situation into something positive for everyone involved. The core of our work is creating value for businesses and their communities through our understanding of people – both clients and their customers, as well as our team members.

Seeking insight… feeding innovation

We are always seeking new knowledge, gathering business and credit information on individuals and companies in all Australian market, gaining new experiences that are stored in our systems and then shared with everyone in our organisation. Insights into business and trends are essential if we are to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. Insight is the mother of innovation.

Making a difference

We don’t look for problems, we find solutions. We help our clients by providing credit management services that make them more competitive. Informed credit decisions, faster payment and smooth debt collection processes improve margins and cash flow. ICM Partners makes a difference – not just for our clients, employees and shareholders, but for society in general. Profitable companies create jobs and help move society in a positive direction.

Committing to the challenge

We are often participants in sensitive situations. Sometimes people are stressed because their finances are at stake or they are handling large sums that are crucial for a company’s future. We also affect the community because our business is a catalyst for a sound economy, not just for individual businesses but for all in the community. We welcome challenges. Challenges are what we live for. Challenges us challenge us to do better at what we do for our clients and their communities. Bring us a challenge and we will bring you the solution.