Client Optimisation

Are you optimising your turnover with profitable customers?

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Credit Optimisation Services

The foundation for any successful transaction is set before the first invoice is sent out. Our integrated value added services help you to prevent late or nonpayment.

Credit Decision – Interested in lowering your business risks?

theicmpartnership help you make the right credit decision for optimising your profit and increasing your cash flow by using an integrated solution for the whole process flow. Based on your credit rules and through our extensive databases and sophisticated scores, we help you target the customers you can grant credit to and advise you on different payment strategies. Our goal is to help you win more sales with less risk.

We serve our clients with real time and detailed recommendations for allowing credit to an individual person or business.

Our industry specific credit decision service will help minimise your risks or alternatively address them differently, enabling you to make the right decision. The service will help you avoid invoices being defaulted on later. Striving for a profitable customer from the very first day brings huge cash flow benefits to your company.

Our scoring techniques help you to control risk, while in depth analyst recommendations provide even more comprehensive decision platforms.

Our integrated value added services help you to prevent late or non-payment. We assume responsibility for the entire credit scoring chain. We can also take responsibility for the entire payment chain from targeting and approving credits to ensure payment – to help you free up capital.

Credit Information – We get you actual and relevant credit information.

You gain vital insight to back your credit decisions and improve your sales efficiency by leveraging our credit information services. Credit information services help you to keep your customer- and prospect databases up-to-date for effective marketing activities and profitable credit decisions and strategies.

All credit optimisation in the credit management process is based on actual and relevant credit information. Through analysis, scores and sophisticated solutions, the information will be used for all kinds of profit maximizing credit activities.

The information is selected from several different data sources, often containing both positive and negative payment behavior for sophisticated scores and credit strategies within the credit management process. The credit information can be used as a basis in client specific credit processes, from targeting to existing customer management.