Collection Services

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Collection Services

A collection process starts once the agreed due date has expired without payment being received in full and despite several follow up actions.

Debt Collection – Are your invoices paid on time?

Forget those justifiable fears about how to collect late payment from customers without damaging the relationship. Our wide experience in handling defaulting customers sensitively usually results in a positive return within weeks with no damage to your customer relationship.

No matter how large or small the invoice default, you will find our credit management professionals have the required deep understanding of the complexity and importance of correctly tracking and managing the payment processes of each of your individual customers. We help our clients rapidly reduce their operational costs and immediately improve cash flow by harnessing such tools as the on-line the ICM portal that provides 360-degree visibility of an organisation’s outstanding receivables and status.

There is no magic to how we deliver you success. ICM Partners highly praised track-record stems from meticulously implemented processes geared to track what is owed to a client and scoring techniques to ensure the most efficient handling of both companies and private individuals.

One of ICM Partners main points of difference is our people. They help determine our methods and outcomes. Our interviewing, training and employment processes are thorough, as we pride ourselves on having the best people in the industry. We believe in a negotiation and collaboration approach to our services and employ a ‘contact center’ not a call center.

If for some reason the outstanding invoice(s) remain unpaid, we can also advise and represent you in legal debt collection. We have legal professionals in our teams who will guide you to the right way forward.

Debt Surveillance – Our value is getting final payment for your services or products?

Getting paid on time is what drives your enterprise and its success. We help you to ensure final payments for services and goods delivered. We leverage diverse scoring and other techniques, implemented on a constant basis to help insure you against non-payments. Avoiding late and non-payments is crucial.

If you are at the stage of writing-off a debt as uncollectible, outsourcing the debt to a specialist partner that can apply a suitable debt surveillance programme is worthwhile.

Timely payment of invoices for products and services delivered is the motor of your business activities.

Delayed or withheld payment creates unnecessary costs and pressure – and can seriously impact your competitiveness. Late payments increase your cost of doing business, which can either reduce your profits or reduce your market share by increasing prices.

ICM Partners ongoing monitoring system helps to ensure you that we take the right action at any given time to get final payment for you. And provide the peace of mind that allows you to stay focused on your core business.

International access

With our access to worldwide coverage along with our intense local market knowledge and local presence, we are geared to secure that you are getting paid on time. We know how to deal with your customers that are scattered around the world, in different time zones and speaking different languages.

No matter where in the world you are owed money, we have access to international debt collection professionals who can help you retrieve what is due to you. Developed and refined over many years, our services and solutions take into account local business practices and cultures.

Utilising up-to-date local market data, we help ensure your organisation’s international credit policy is optimized for your markets where you trade.

Whichever service you choose, like payment monitoring, reminder services and/or collection services, a clear path of action will be taken by your account team, based on our in-depth understanding of your customer’s market, leading to solid results.