Field Calls

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A door knock to an address is a very significant tool in the collection process.

Our field operatives are all extensively trained and licensed to collect arrears.

Our field agents will be armed with all the pertinent information regarding that particular debtor, the debt, the contract and the description of the goods.

The primary objective when at the address is to negotiate the collection of the arrears, and in addition, to ascertain the debtor’s contact details and financial position. If we are unable to collect the arrears, then the agent will complete all the details requested on our field questionnaire sheet. This will then paint the ‘financial picture’ of the debtor in question. You will be armed with the information and be able to decide as to what next course of action you may take.

Our agents will make up to three calls to the address at the appropriate or given times.

ICM Partners has learnt that many customers who recognise the debt incurred still refuse to pay for many and various reasons. For example, we have visited many homes where the debtor thought that no action would be taken, or more importantly, no one would visit them to collect the debt.

ICM Partners has therefore developed an approach to combat this recalcitrance. We send our trained staff to visit these debtors at home and ensure they acknowledge and commit to paying the debt. This increases the collectability rate by up to 50% for debts as it provides certain contact and communication.

It is not based only on the debtor visitation – it is more based around the quality of the people we use and the visitation approach we take with the debtor. We ensure we use a compliant, fair but firm (non-threatening) approach. Our aim is to ensure through this face-to-face communication, an understanding with the debtor that we will continue to pursue the debt on behalf of our clients.