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Skip tracing is one of ICM Partners specialist skills.

ICM Partners has always specialised in providing the corporations, government entities, financial institutions, insurers, law firms, the mercantile industry and private clients with high quality investigations and specialised mercantile services. One of our core strengths has always been our ability to locate people, information, chattels and the “unseen”.  Skip Tracing has been a core activity of our business since inception and we view our work as both a science and an art. Our Skip Tracing efforts are compliant, and investigation based rather than “search & gather” collections based approaches.

The expanded use of computer-based (digital) data retrieval has resulted in significant gains in the location process. However the industry has found that total reliance on the scientific approach severely limits skip tracing results. This has become more pronounced recently, as some “branded” mercantile service providers have tried hard to productise the solution of skip tracing.

That’s where the art comes in. Our team consists of skilled, highly experienced licensed private investigators, who use existing databases containing information from various national and international sources. Add to that our own proprietary data repository and search processes, plus expert phone and field inquiry. This powerful approach results in our ability to consistently generate locate rates that meet and exceed each clients’ needs and expectations. Thereby improving their collection revenues and Return on Investment.

ICM Partners prides itself on the innovation and value it brings to the location process. Our skip tracing services serve creditors, collection agencies, financial agencies, insurers, government departments, Law Firms, and debt purchasers. Many of our clients refer accounts that have been skip traced in-house or by other agencies and have not been located. This is why our client relationships become long term partnerships.

Buyer Beware … of the current trend in location product offerings

Recently, we have noticed a disturbing trend that can be summed up as follows:

Firstly, the increase in the amount of mercantile agents now selling SKIP TRACING as part of their product mix, who have no idea of what it is and how it is done.

Secondly, these mercantile agencies are approaching clients with “spectacular” results and ridiculous pricing without true qualification of results or demonstrable market performance.

Thirdly, the majority of these providers generally outsource the work to professionals such as ICM Partners to do the work for them, and

Finally, some of the major mercantile agencies are “productising” the SKIP TRACING solution believing their customers should accept it as an answer. They believe this will push the specialist players such as ICM Partners out of this market space. They do not realise that the science is only 60% of the solution. The real value is in the other 40% – the art component.

Return on Investment – the Only Measurement Tool

ICM Partners currently has a location rate of 67%, significantly increasing the collectability rate for its clients.

ICM Partners believes that Net Return on Investment (NROL) is the standard that all skip tracing efforts should be measured against.

ICM Partners is very comfortable having its cost of service measured under our clients ROI approach that is benchmarked against competitors.

ICM Partners offers one of the most cost effective and successful skip tracing services in Australia and New Zealand. We are the specialists in difficult locate/skip cases.

Call to ACTION

Test our Services. Measure our results. Calculate your NROI. Project your NROI against your existing SKIP portfolio. Make your own decision against this evaluation.

Call ICM Partners today on 1300 228 588 and let us locate your debtor promptly, professionally and effectively.

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